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Allow us to brag a little about our high-quality network of sites for just a bit. Here at Sweet Teen Cash we've been in the business for almost ten years and we've lasted this long for one reason: our sites rock! We don't mass-produce crappy sites in an attempt to make a quick buck. Instead, we put tons of time and effort into each site to ensure high ratios and member retention. Our thinking has always been that it's better to bring you a handful of truly awesome sites as opposed to twenty or thirty sites that just flat-out suck. Sweet Teen Cash has been responsible for bringing you some of the best sites online and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Below is our current list of updating sites, all of which convert amazingly well.
Your Erotic Paradise is our newest site and probably the most ambitious project we've ever had the pleasure of working on. Your Erotic Paradise is a huge multi-model site featuring exclusive amateur girl-next-door content that members absolutely love! This site truly converts great and retains members extremely well thanks to its incredible library of photos and videos.

Your Erotic Paradise is packed with excellent content. Members get access to over 35,000 photos and over 14 hours of video. Better yet, the site updates weekly with fresh new content that's exclusive to Your Erotic Paradise and can't be found anywhere else!

Your Erotic Paradise features a vast array of real amateur content that ranges from non-nude all the way to hardcore, meaning there's something for everybody and will satiate the appetite of every niche. Members love Your Erotic Paradise for its real amateur models and for the huge amount of content they're able to access. It'll definitely keep them coming back!
Hot multi-model site featuring the ever-popular Vanessa!
Your Erotic Paradise!
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One look at Abbie and you'll see exactly why her site sells so well! She's an absolutely stunning girl and she's been a fan favorite from the moment she made her online debut in 2007. Not only is Abbie strikingly beautiful, she's not afraid to get down and dirty! Love-Abbie is a totally amateur site that features a nice mix of hardcore content fans really love. That's right; this teen beauty isn't the least bit shy. She has a "Lindsay Lohan before she became a crack whore" look that everyone can't seem to get enough of.

Love-Abbie is home to a sweet collection of Abbie's photos, videos, and more. Abbie's so gorgeous the site pretty much sells itself and promoters have consistently reported excellent conversion ratios with Abbie's site. Since Love-Abbie isn't overly promoted, she's become one of the net's true hidden gems and will surely make you some decent extra money. Give her a shot and find out for yourself!

Make sure you check out our hosted galleries page for some great hosted video galleries of Abbie.
Abbie's stunning! See why she converts so damn well.
Love Abbie!
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Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. So much could be said about this highly unique model! Barbie's another one of the market's hidden gems and her site converts very well. Barely 18 Barbie has been online since 2004 yet it still updates with way hot photo sets and videos. As you can imagine, this means her site's loaded with content! Over 120 photo sets and countless hours of video keeps members coming back, which is probably why the site tends to retain members so well.

Barely 18 Barbie is one of the only tattoo fetish sites online. It showcases her gradual transition from having only one small tattoo to being a complete inked-up mess! It serves as a sort of timeline of her life and makes her sets all the more interesting. Barbie's a big-busted model with a great rack and isn't afraid to show off her goods. Her site even features a bit of hardcore content.

After five years online, Barbie doesn't play on going anywhere and looks forward to eventually reaching her 200th photo set. Try promoting Barely 18 Barbie and see how she does for you!
Five years online and going strong!
Barely 18 Barbie!
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Erica's an online legend! This gorgeous girl made her first online appearance over nine years ago and immediately became one of the most popular girls on the net. Posting cam pictures on various message boards and interacting with fans, Erica built up incredible popularity yet never opened her own site. That is, until 2008 when she came exploding back onto the scene with a brand new site that blew everyone away! I Dream of Erica showcases all of Erica's photo sets, webcam work, videos, and more! It's also the first time in her many years online that she's ever been seen in high-resolution photos. Better yet, it's also the first time she's ever been seen on video. Fans absolutely love it!

I Dream of Erica converts great thanks to users recognizing this iconic beauty from back in the day. That, and even people who've never seen her before fall in love with the southern belle.

Erica's amateur site also features Erica topless, and boy is her rack spectacular. Try promoting Erica and see how well she sells for you!
The online legend is here! Seven years and going strong!
I Dream of Erica!
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